Near Side Pedestrian, Cyclist Detection Systems

The VCAS Pedestrian / Cyclist Detection system utilises ultrasonic technology specifically designed for commercial vehicles, vans or lorries. When the vehicle slows to around 10 Mph, and the left indicator is turned on, the system will flash the internal display to show turn "On", then just monitors that area until a cyclist or object is detected or until the vehicle's speed increases over 10 Mph or the indicator is turned off.

If a cyclist is detected, it then warns the driver visually through our traffic light display and then finally with an audible tone as the distance between the cyclist and the side of the vehicle decreases to less than 400mm.

The VCAS System can also announce one external spoken message " Warning, vehicle turning left " when the left indicator then continues to monitor the area from the front nearside of the rear wheels and out to a distance of 800mm.

Product Highlights

• 4 Ultrasonic sensor eyes (all 4 to be mounted on the nearside of the vehicle from the nearside bumper / step and wheel arch)
• A display with internal piezo tone buzzer (to be mounted on the A-Pillar, at side mirror height, facing towards the driver's position)
• A Control Module (to be mounted behind the dash)
• An optional Voice Warning Speaker Siren under the cab

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